All-In-One Workstation Sink

What Is A Workstation Sink?

At a glance, workstation sinks may look like your normal kitchen sink, but they are so much more. They actually offer the added benefits of specific accessories designed to increase their functionality.

Workstation sinks are a growing trend, and we are totally onboard! The benefits of adding additional workspace, along with useful accessories allows the sink to no longer just be a place for dirty dishes, It transforms it into a multi-functional space.

The common accessories included in many workstation sinks are: drying rack, colander, cutting board, and bottom grid. Each offering their own unique functions and benefits.

Our workstation sink are undermount installation with Brushed Stainless Steel finish or Galaxy Pearl Black Stainless Steel to choose from.  From 32 Inch all the way to 48 inch.  All available depending on the preferred style for the kitchen.

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