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Whether you're looking to transform your home or business or add a unique design feature, Self-Adhesive Wall Panels will give you the wow-factor you're craving. And here at Contempo Living, we offer a wide range of textured 3D wall panels that will amaze with a swanky 3D effect. Our wide range of colors and designs such as circles, cubes, and woven patterns, gives the illusion of movement and makes any space look professionally designed. All tiles are durable and easy to install by simply spraying adhesive on the back and sticking to the wall. Are you ready to buy 3D wall panels for your home act now! We offer the best 3D wall panels for sale!

Discover our innovative wall paneling solutions with these textured 3D Wall Panels

and Select 3D wall wood siding. These wall panels in allow you to give relief to any type wall, to make a headboard of an entrance or make a mural table. With these panels decorative 3d you will be able to transform your interiors!

These 3D wall panels were born from an innovative idea, that of associating ecology with a design. Thus began in 2009 the development of 3d wall panels from sugar cane bagasse, the fibrous residue obtained during the extraction of juice from sugar cane. In the end, it is, therefore, a healthy eco-product, environmentally friendly, 100% recyclable and contributes to sustainable development by valuing raw materials that should have been burned. Elected "most innovative ecological product of the year".


What is a wall 3D panel?


A wall panel is a flat rectangular shape that is cut into one piece. It is used to cover a wall. 3D wall panels add possess to any type of walls in a room. You can pick the way you want the panel to flow and start sticking the panels on the wall. Our 3D Wall panels are easy to install. If you are looking for some high quality 3D paneling hardware, then you are in the right place. Buy 3d wall panels now!

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