Peel and Stick Wood Panel

Reconstruct and redesign your wall in a matter of minutes. Decorative textured wall panels provide a simple peel and stick installation onto any existing wall for a contemporary and new stylish design. Back of each panel provides adhesives strips and prefabricated ridges for in prevention for shrinkage and expansions due to weather changes which will NOT alter your overall appearance of your wall. This easy application of reclaimed wood panels accent will transform and complete your true desired design.
Preparation and installation: Plan desired look. Systematically plan the layout and design the amount of wood necessary to complete wall. Adjust even areas and clean the wall with a dry cloth. All electrical outlet and switch places should be removed. Then proceed to start by removing the protective film from adhesives strips on the back of the first board and place it following the reference line. Stick the top of the board first, then the bottom and press firmly for 10 seconds. Recommendation is installing boards from left to right, and taking the trim left over from the last piece of a few to start the next. Once area of wall is finalized and complete, apply pressuring by using a rubber mallet and wooden plank. It is recommended to complete the installation of the panels with a nail gun in prevention of any events of uneven walls, textured walls and temperature changes for the finishing touch. Full installation instructions and reference photos available!

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